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Dr. William James Almon, William Rowley [On the Cure of Ulcerated Legs]. 01 January 1771 - 31 December 1771.

Dr. William James Almon, William Cribb [Considerations on the Use of Injections in the Gonorrhea].

Dr. William James Almon, Mr. Fahrig [On the Sugar of Milk]. 01 May 1792.

Dr. William James Almon, Dr. Mitchel [Facts Concerning the Butternut Tree of North-America].

Dr. William James Almon, Mr. Lewen [For the Cure of an Obstinate Herpes].

Dr. William James Almon [The Angelyne Tree].

Abbe Bouffier [Observations on the Origin of Honey]. 01 December 1789.

[Untitled Description of the Effects of Weather on Crops]. 31 December 1787 - 18 February 1788.

James Davenport [Pot and Pearl Ash Improvement]. 10 November 1795.

Rev. William Maunsell [On the Culture of Potatoes from the Shoots]. 14 May 1795.

[Cultivation of Potatoes]. 13 January 1795.

Dr. William James Almon, Literary and Fashionable Magazine [Chinese Raddish Oil].

Dr. William James Almon [Remedy against the Anthrax].

[Ringworms]. 08 December 1789.