Considerations on the Use of Injections in the Gonorrhea

[ Considerations on the Use of Injections in the Gonorrhea ] Dr. William James Almon

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Dr. William James Almon
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William Cribb

Date: The original text was published in 1773.

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camphorated spirits
gum arabic
cream of tartar
sal saturni

Nova Scotia
High Holborn

Source: Manuscript Notebook of Dr. William James Almon
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Almon Family Fonds | Reference: MG 1 / Microfilm Reel 10,045


Detailed recommendations for treating gonorrhea and its side effects from the book Considerations on the Use of Injections in the Gonorrhoea by High Holborn surgeon William Cribb (Holborn: W. Flexney, 1773). The excerpt transcribed in the Almon Notebook includes descriptions of treatments for men and women as well as ingredients and prescriptions in Latin, pp. 85-89.


If the symptoms are mild, as is generally the case in the
begining, with little heat and scarce any pain, it is easily cured
for this. Rx [untranscribed Latin] to this may
be added occasionally a small quantity of Bole or {...} will if
thrown up twice or thrice a day after making water with
the assistance of proper internals, speedily effect a cure.
But when the Inflammatory symptoms are high attended
with priapisms, [cordre] & then the Indications [dinctus]
to cool the heat, abate the pain and lesson the stimulus.
We should not at this time by any means stop the running;
the Vessels must be allowed to empty themselves; otherwise
the great quantity of fluids determined to these parts, by
the increased stimulus, would if suddenly stopped, bring on
a greater degree of inflammation from the obstruction, and
after a few days the quantity of matter becoming too great
for the elasticity of the vessels, would break down with double
violence__ + I believe there are few of the Profession, who have
not observed, that after a sudden stoppage of large disch-
-arges, they have returned with in a much greater proport-
ion, to which has been added a difficult of cure, proport-
ion to the relaxation occasioned by the too great
distention of the vessels. --
Neither are the Prostrates, or vesicules [semicrali], or the
testes themselves, on this instance out of danger; inflam-
mations are easily extended to the neighbouring parts,
and the glandutar will in a particular manner

be liable to partake of it _. The Sal Saturn: therefore in
this instance is preferable to either of the other salts, and
this also should be largely diluted, so as to prevent any
stimulus. _ for the inflamed urethra, a few drops of the
[Rectum Lytharigites] or of sal saturni from half a grain
to a grain in an ounce of water, or any light emollient decoction
thrown up the Urethra three or four times a day, will soon alleviate 
the most vi violent painful symptoms. it must be observed the
oftenner you use them the weaker they must be; and when
the pain is excessive, warming the mixture will assist the
quieting property. ~ When the pain abates the Injection
should be used cold, as it braces the fibres more effectually than
when warm. If after using this Injection for eight or ten days, the
pain and inflammation being gone off, the discharge still
continues, and in eaqual quantity, no errors in internals
or regimen having been committed, it will be proper to lay
aside the the Sal: Saturn and try the Vitriol [untranscribed Latin]-: beging
with one grain to an ounce: it will seldom be necessary to
increase the quantity to more than two grains: the
[untranscribed Latin] becomes in this case, a better medicine,
as it is more powerfully astringent.-- an addition of Bole
to the solution of Vitriol heighten (in my opinion) its effica-
-cy as an Astringent--
                                    Some prefer the salts united,
supposing they have superior efficacy when used together:
but I think their virtues are more successfully obtained, when
used separately, in the manner above mentioned. -

Others again approve of Camphor largely diluted, even
in the inflammatory state, and think it appeases
pain _ I have frequently used the following formula
with good success--
                    Rx [untranscribed Latin]
When the running has been of long continuance,
as is frequently the case where internals have been
wholly trusted to: the pain and inflammatory
symptoms being gone off, it becomes necessary, in
order to restrain it, to have recourse to more powerful
astringents, even though the colour of the discharge
should not be such as we could wish. ~~
We often find, from previous bad habits of body, or from the long continued
relaxation of the Vessels, that the discharge bears an ill aspect
long after the infectious quality is removed. However an
exact inquiry into the previous symptoms, and method of 
treatment should be made that proper internals may
be given -- In this case the Sal: Saturn will be little service,
the Vitrol: Alb will be proper to begin with. if this does not
answer you may try the Vitrol {...} and if this fails, We
may have recourse to the cuprous salts; these may be also assisted by
a combination with Sal: Ammonia or Aq: [Cakis]

Cure of the
Hernia Humonalis

In the Phymosis, Paraphymosis, & Hernia Humonalis.
applications are exceedingly useful, either applied as
Injections, Embrocations or in the form of Cataplasms, in
the latter complaint they should be made stronger and
more stimulating __ at the beginning a suspensor, a
recumbent posture, and an embrocation of Goulard’s Sat:
-[urrine] water with the addition of Camphorated
spirits, or vinegar _ _ But if the swelling be greatly
enlarged and violently painful - VJ - Opium: and Cataplasms of the
above ingredients - Sal: Cathart et Marna - with frequent
draughts of neutral medicines according to the violence
of the fever _

Cure of the
Gonorrhea in
Women __

With respect to Women the advantage of
Injections of this kind, are even greater than to men _
in the decline of the disease, some Women, especially those of
a lax fibre require stronger injections than men.
                                Considerations on the use of Injections in the
                                Gonorrhea, by Willm Cribb, Surgeon.

13 _. Major C: W_ Symptoms: a discharge of yellowish matter
         from the Urethra, without pain or Ordor [Urine]
         ordered the Mucilage of Gum Arabic two Ounces to a Quart
         with two drams of Cream Tartar -- to be used as common Drink
14 _  Much the same 
                                 Rx [untranscribed Latin]
20 _  There is a puffiness about the Glans penis which took
         place a few days ago, {...} complains of a slight Chorde
         but is free from any other inflammatory symptom.
         Rx. [untranscribed Latin]
26 _  The Inflammatory symptoms entirely subsided - the discharge
         much lessened -- 
31     [untranscribed Latin]
         Continues the mucilaginous drink
3_. 10. [untranscribed Latin] Running decreased and free
            from pain --
15 _  Much the same. [untranscribed Latin]
23 _ [untranscribed Latin]
30_  The discharge buttrussing -  Rx Pul: Peruvian

Prolonged and painful erections.
The alchemical term for lead acetate.
Inflamed and tight foreskin.
Retracted and immovable foreskin.