For the Cure of an Obstinate Herpes

[ For the Cure of an Obstinate Herpes ] Dr. William James Almon

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Dr. William James Almon
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Mr. Lewen

Date: Transcribed sometime after 7 July 1802.

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cabbage leaf
distilled vinegar
Gold Sulphuratum Aureum

Great Britain
Nova Scotia

Source: Manuscript Notebook of Dr. William James Almon
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Almon Family Fonds | Reference: MG 1 / Microfilm Reel 10,045


A remedy for treating pimples of diseased limbs with prepared cabbage leaves and a Latin prescription, pp. 267-68.


7th July 1802.
Mr. Lewen’s
Letter to Mrs
Dyoll -- his
Sister for the
Cure of an Obstin-
-ate Herpes--

The best application is the common Cabbage leaf properly
prepared by heat. The method of doing it is this:
The thick stalky part of the leaf should be cut flat
with a knife. It should then be laid upon a shovel
full of live Coals or embers for a few seconds till it
wilts, and after turning it till it is thoroughly done,
but not schord scorrched it should be prepared pressed
in the hand till the juice can be squeezed out.
It will then be as soft as almost a piece of Velvet,
and in the application in question -- the whole
Limb should be wrapt up in these three or four-
-tense thick, and renewed night and Morning
In the course of a few days they will be found to have
drawn the sharpness of the humour out, and
instead of the discharge of the Pimples being
watery, as at first, it will become thicker, and
the irritation will become less, at this period the
leaves should be left off, and the best dressing would

be probably equal parts of [sperm Cito arote]
and the best distilled vinegar rubbed lightly
together, and spread on thin rags. If this
application should not get it well, it will be proper to
Have recourse to a slight course of Alternative Medicine,
by this means the Activity of the disease would in all
probability be abated, and its duration would be shorter.
             Rx Calomel G[ran]a xij. Sulp. Aur. Ant.
             G[ran]a XXIV
             Pil’e Scillæ ʒi. M[isce]. Fiat Pil. No XXIV e
            quibus summat [sic] Mane hora somni quotidie__

                                        -- But in general nothing
is to be done effectual in similar complaints until the
heat and acrimony of the discharge has been subdued by
the means above mentioned --  It will be advisable
four or six times a year to take three Gn of Calomel
at bedtime & work it off the next morning with
some salts--This will serve to prevent acrimony
from collecting in the constitution --. 


Translation (Latin at Botton of second image and top of third image) 

Recipe: 12 grains of calomel. 24 grains of Gold Sulphuratum Aureum.
1 scruple of Squill Pills. Mix. Make 24 pills in number, of which he should take every day in the morning at the hour of sleep.  1There seems to be an error or missing word in this prescription: perhaps “mane [et] hora somni quotidie”, “every day in the morning and at bedtime”. 


Translation and transcription by Winston Black