Untitled Agriculture Society Letter Offering a Reward for an Effectual Remedy for Hessian Fly

[ Untitled Agriculture Society Letter Offering a Reward for an Effectual Remedy for Hessian Fly ] James Clarke

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James Clarke

Date: 1795/07/18

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crop damage
fly infestation
Hessian fly

Nova Scotia

Source: Weekly Chronicle
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm


A letter from the secretary of the Nova Scotia Agriculture Society detailing the Society's resolution to offer a ten guinea reward for an effective means of destroying the crop-damaging Hessian fly. Vol. 9, No. 477.


                                         JULY 11.
                         AGRICULTURE SOCIETY.
    At a meeting of the Select Committee, held the 6th day of
July, 1795.
    It having been reported that the insect, known by the name
of the Hessian Fly, has made its appearance in some districts of 
this Province:
    Resolved--that the Society will give a premium of Ten Gui-
neas to any person who shall discover a cheap and effectual me-
thod to destroy this insect and prevent its future ravages.
    The claimant of this premium must make known, for pub-
lic use, the ingredients used for this purpose; and also pro-
duce a certificate signed by a magistrate and two of the Cor-
responding Members of the Society, setting forth the name of
the discoverer and the efficacy of the remedy in more instan-
ces than one.
    N. B. Until an effectual remedy be discovered to prevent
the injury done to corn by the above insect, the Society earn-
estly recommend to all Farmers, that they burn the stubble and
whatever weeds may grow in the Fields where the Hessian Fly
has been discovered. This may be done after harvest, in a dry
time Hereby the eggs of this pernicio[u]s insect will be destroyed,
and a check given to its increase. The less stubble or weeds left
unburnt in such fields, the better.
                                                           JAMES CLARKE, Sec’ry.