A Receipt to Make a Rich Pleasant Wine

[ A Receipt to Make a Rich Pleasant Wine ]

Date: 1768/01/21

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new cider

Nova Scotia

Source: Nova Scotia Gazette
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm | Reference: Consult the Nova Scotia Archives' "Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm" list (Royal Gazette) for a complete account of microfilm reels for this paper. EMMR includes recipes from reel 9466.


Instructions for making wine using cider and honey. Original source unknown. Vol. 2, No. 76. Microfilm Reel 9466.


                         To the PRINTER
As you inserted in your late Papers a Recipe to make
     Raisin Wine, -- the following may be useful to some
     of your Country Readers.
     A Receipt to make a rich pleasant Wine.
    “TAKE new Cyder from the Press, mix it
with so much Honey, until it will buoy
up an Egg. Boil it gently for a Quarter of an
Hour, but not in an iron Pot. Take off the Scum
as fast as it rises; let it cool; then barrel it in a
Vessel not quite full ; and in March following
bottle it off. -- It will be ripe in a Month or six
Weeks afterwards. Then you will find a rich
vinous Liquor, as strong as Madeira Wine, and
very pleasant. Honey may be a fine Ingredient to
assist and render palatable raw, crabbed, hard,
austere Cyder.”