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Dr. William James Almon [A Popular Remedy for the Rheumatism]. 01 January 1780 - 01 January 1800.

Dr. William James Almon, Cornelius C. Cuyler [Cure of Cancer].

Dr. William James Almon [John Bremner Case with Medicines].

Dr. William James Almon, Capt. Davies R.A. [To Preserve Birds with Their Natural Plumage Unhurt]. 21 March 1770.

Dr. William James Almon, Dr. Edward Wyer [Dr. Wyer's Treatment for Lockjaw]. 23 November 1785.

Dr. William James Almon, Dr. Garthshore [Doctor Garthshore’s Treatment of Scrophulus Swellings]. 01 January 1793 - 31 December 1793.

Dr. William James Almon [Remedy to be Administered in Cases of Swallowing Pins or Fish Bones]. 05 December 1786.

Cadwallader Ford [On the Benefit of Salt in Agriculture]. 05 September 1786.

[A Caution Respecting the Measles]. 17 November 1789.

[Coal Tar]. 24 November 1789.

[On Propagation]. 23 May 1795.

[On Brining Wheat]. 13 July 1769.

[Receipt to make Hessian Soup]. 04 February 1768.

[Receipt to Make Raisin Wine]. 31 December 1767.

[Ringworms]. 08 December 1789.

Dr. William James Almon [Remedy against the Anthrax].

Dr. William James Almon, Literary and Fashionable Magazine [Chinese Raddish Oil].