[Clyster for a Nervous Fever]

[ [Clyster for a Nervous Fever] ] William Booth

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William Booth
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Dr. George Drummond

Date: 1789/02/21

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nervous fever


Nova Scotia

Source: William Booth Diary
Institution: Acadia University Archives | Source Origin: William R. Moore Collection | Sublocation: William Booth diary (20 January 1789-24 March 1789). | Reference: Accession 1971.001-MRE/2


This is one of the more detailed entries describing a treatment for Hannah Booth, wife of William Booth, the diarist.  


Febry th 21st:

Much snow last Night--

Day clear and Frosty --

Hannah quite delirious this Morning.

She drank some Tea and eat a little

Bread -- Sent to Dr D. informing

him of her state -- promises to call


He intends putting a Blister to her


She had hot Bricks in Flannel

last night at her feet, having

complained of cold --

Sent Graves wth My Compliments

to Major Vesey requesting him  ^to Re:

commend a Nurse of the Regiment.

None to be found in Town accord:

ing to opinion of Dr D-- sufficiently


  1The Major will send one this afternoon.

The Doctor was here at the time expected says

'tis a nervous fever -- did not imagine he

should have found her so bad this morning.

he recommends a Clyster of Camomile and

molasses and a little Salt (about a pint).

Soles of feet to have Poultice of Mustard,

Vinegar and Water. I wrote to Mrs Burns for

the Blister, some Hartshorn and Lavender.

  2Mrs Burns at Point Carleton just now

The nurse came this afternoon.

Dr. Drummond very obligingly call'd and

made the Clyster wch produced a good effect. She took the tea as usual with a little Bread. The Clyster having good effect the Doctor

ordered the 3rd of a pint to be again applied

 which succeeded very well to our wishes

 'tis to be repeated, about a Table and 1/2

spoon full of salt - 1/2 pint Molasses wth 

Camomile water making up about

1 Pint --

Hannah had the Clyster again after Tea

it operated Twice 2nd appeared lose stool

1st watery --

Still taking wild and flem in her throat

excessive troublesome --

She had no sleep last Night; nor any this day-- 

about 10 minutes excepted--

   3(copy) Dr: Drummond's note. Dr: Drummond with most respectful Compliments to Capt: Booth begs leave to inform that there is a Mrs Mackneal next door to Mr Largin's a midwife who I presume may have in her possession a Bladder & pipe fit for the purpose of giving an injection immediately to Mrs Booth, and the sooner given the better. Saturday pm.

Sunday 22nd

She died at 10 minutes before

5 o'clock, and so unprepared was

I that she was gone in her sleep

having dreamed loud but a minute