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Dr. Mead [Cure for a Person Bit by a Mad Dog]. 26 March 1771.

Doctor Rare [For the Gout]. 01 November 1780.

[To Pickle Berwick Salmon]. 13 August 1767.

Captain Ball, Mr. Bean, Purser of the Ship Argonaut [Medicine from the Essence of Spruce]. 07 February 1797.

A Member of the Community [Hints on the Method of Inoculating against Smallpox]. 04 July 1775.

Dublin Society [On the Extraction of the Essence of Bark ]. 03 November 1790.

E.F., Robert Dossie, gentleman of Neuchatel [Method of Making Mortar, which will be Impenetrable to Moisture]. 05 November 1791.

Arthur Young [Receipt for Making Parmesan Cheese]. 05 November 1791.

[Method of Making Oil Compost]. 02 April 1790.

Dr. Dexter, American Academy of Arts and Sciences [Method of Making Pot-Ash]. 01 December 1789.

Arthur Young [Method of Rearing Young Cattle]. 03 November 1790.

[Method of Preserving Water Sweet]. 05 November 1791.

James Clarke, A farmer [Preparing Seed Wheat, to Prevent the Crop from being Smutty]. 02 May 1790.

Samuel Deane [On Ashes for Manure]. 04 February 1791.

Dr. Lewis [Of the Collection and Curation of Simples]. 05 August 1791.

[On the Measles]. 17 June 1783.