To Prevent Bad Effects or Disasters from His Recipe

[ To Prevent Bad Effects or Disasters from His Recipe ]


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nervous excitement

bread pills
catnip tea
cognac brandy

Nova Scotia

Source: Almon Family Fonds
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Reference: Microfilm Reel 807


A recipe offering an antidote from any "bad effects or disasters" that might arise from the prescription of an unnamed physician. The letter was sent to Halifax, likely from a Byles family member in Boston. Series A #3 Letterbook.


nod of approbation to say “I thank you Dr. for yr. compliments” -- By ye. day, as he found me sur-
-ourned wth. such a number of lettrs to answer, he very kindly requested he “might have the
pleasure of answering one of them for me” & I had almost accepted his obliging offer, when
ye. sudden thought occured yt. what he wrote might possibly prove a Recipe & if sent to
Halifax might occasion a combustion amonght you & excite yr. nervous system so much
as to bring on ye. Rheumatix. - I beg if you sd. receive such a paper from ye. Dr. to pre-
-vent very bad effects or disasters from his Recipe, I beg, I say, you will immediately 
use ye. following prescription. Take one or two bread pills, or a few drafts of ice of
{...} in a tablespoon full of Katnup tea well pulverized or sifted & swal-
-low it down as quick as possible, & dilute wth three pints of best coniac Brandy,
I dare say when night comes on you’ll sleep as sound as a roach, & rise in ye. morning
very comfortable, so as to attend to yr. hay-making business wth. as much alac-
-rity as usual, that is, I mean, if you don’t eat salt-pork pie or lobster
broth for yr. breakfast-- should ye. above prescription fail, apply to me & I
will think of something else for you; don't be afeard it will kill you, but I
will do ye. best in my power. It is now ye. first day of Autumn, wch. perhaps
you may recolect {...} formerly was September; & I suppose  ^it is called
{...} at present: I am sure it is ye. next month to August the 22d. day of
wch. was my birthday, as ye. 21th was ye. birth day of my gracious Sovereign
King William ye.  Fourth, for I was quite willing yt. his Majesty wd. be born
the day before me. --
But is time I sd. close this & go by the Cordelia, by whom I hope you
Will receive it safe, from:                          your aunt, C. [Foy]