To Extract and Seperate Oar

[ To Extract and Seperate Oar ]

Date: Written sometime in the mid- to late 18th century; exact date unknown. | 1743/01/01 to 1790/01/01

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Venice soap
sal gemma powder
sheep trotters

Nova Scotia

Source: Stephen Rodda Notebooks
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Reference: Microfilm Reel 12,140


 Directions for extracting silver from ore.


To Extract and Seperate Oar

[NB]: Take oar and -----
 ^Caleineit then pound it and

wash it then put it into a Crusible give it a

Very Strong heat when you perceive in in fussion

Throw into it some Venice soap then take it, out

of the fire and let it cool of it's Self ------  ^Caline

it a gaine Pound it & wash it as before  ^Caleinean

when in fussion throw in som more bitts of ye

soap and when it is in a very great heat take

some of the Salgemma in power and Some of the

Saleremon and throw it into the Crusable by Degrees


Then take it from the fire and let it Coole

of its self, when done you will find a kind of a

Sinder, so take it and pout it Viz you most

Now [...] seperate it by the Test, Take a Iron

REng, then take some Sheeps Trotters Burn & wash

So put them in the Ring, Leaving a small Cavern in

sum Lead in the Cavern with the above oar and you

will, when it comes in fussion see the Silver [...]

Settle in the Center and the Lead will Close in dross

To the Edges of the Test, let it Cool and then you will

Take the Silver out in a globeical Forme