Untitled Instructions for Bottling Claret

[ Untitled Instructions for Bottling Claret ]

Date: 1724/11/16

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Nova Scotia

Source: Personal Papers for Paul Mascarene and Family 1687-1839
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society | Reference: Microfilm Reel 10,902


Excerpt from a letter dated 6 November 1724 from Paul Mascarene in Annapolis Royal to his wife giving instructions for handling and bottling the claret sent.


                                                    . . . [...]. [...] I sent you by allen
Bell a hogsd of spruce and a Barrel of Roots and none by Blinn
another Barrel of Roots and Share of my Clarrett which I take to be
the best ever drunk in these parts _ it is in the Barrel which had
the Lisbon Wine and in which I brought my Madeira_I tell
Mr Jekyl of it and I hope the other Custom house Officers will
not diminish themselves so much as to seize so small a triple, if
they should you must buy it again but I cannot think there is
any danger, You must let it settle at least a fortnight and then
dran it off in good clean bottles and cork it well _ you must
ask Mr Botineau to drink a bottle of it with you for I tell him on’t,