Efficacy of Blackberry Jelly in Treating Gravel and Stone

[ Efficacy of Blackberry Jelly in Treating Gravel and Stone ]

Date: 1786/09/07

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gravel and stone

powdered sugar

New York
Nova Scotia

Source: Nova Scotia Packet and General Advertiser
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm | Reference: Microfilm Reel 4823


An account of the efficacy of blackberry jelly in treating stone and gravel followed by instructions for making it. No. 71. The item was also published in the Nova Scotia Magazine.


          From the NEW-YORK JOURNAL.
As the season for making a jelly of black-berries
   is approaching, it may be proper to communi-
   cate the following account of its very remark-
   able efficacy in that dreadful disorder, the gra-
   vel and stone:

A Gentleman who, for many years, was af-
    flicted with this terrible complaint, was
persuaded to take every night going to bed, the
quantity of a large nutmeg of this pleasant
medicine: the effect of which was, that the
stone was broken in pieces, and voided in gra-
nuels, some of them nearly the size of pepper
corns, manifestly appearing to be portions of a
much larger substance. The gentleman, though
more than fourscore, is now enabled to dis-
charge these stony particles without much diffi-
culty, and finds no other inconvenience than a 
frequent irritation to make water.--To make
the jelly, take black-berries before they are 
quite ripe, when turned red, pick them and put
them in a pot, tie them up close, and put them
in a kettle of water; let them stand over a fire
till they are reduced to a pulp, then strain
them, and to a pint of juice put a pound of 
powdered sugar; boil it to a jelly, and put it
up for use.