Receipt for the Bite of a Mad Dog

[ Receipt for the Bite of a Mad Dog ]

Date: 1783/09/16

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sigh deeply
loss of appetite

venice treacle
scrapings of pewter
strong ale

New Haven
New Milford
Nova Scotia

Source: Nova Scotia Gazette and the Weekly Chronicle
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm | Reference: Consult the Nova Scotia Archives' "Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm" list (Royal Gazette) for a complete account of microfilm reels for this paper. EMMR includes recipes from Microfilm Reels 990, 8155, 8156, 8158, 8162


A description of a young boy's illness and death whose demise began five weeks after being bitten by a dog followed by a recipe for treating the bite of a mad dog. Vol 13, No. 906. Microfilm Reel 8156.


                          NEW HAVEN, July 23
“The fatal effects of the bite of a Mad Dog.
      “On the 29th day of May, a boy about three years
and a half old, son of Mr. Samuel Sanford, of New-
Millford was bit by a mad-dog; the wound not being
very great was quickly healed, and the child appear-
ed pretty well for five weeks; then he was taken with
frequent heavings to vomit, but did not bring up any
thing save a little frothy matter: would often sigh very
deeply, which soon enereased to an unusual groaning
noise: in a few hours he refused all kinds of food;
and even the bare sight of drink threw him into great
distress. He soon became very restless to that degree
as to keep in continual motion, wringing. starting, 
and crying out. All the above symptoms continued to
encrease ‘till his distress rose to such a degree, that it
would frequently cause him to start upon his feet
and jump upon the floor for some time, and froth at
the mouth. Thus he continued about forty hours, from
the time he was taken ill, and then expired. 
    “It is to be observed that through the whole the child
has his reason as well as could be expected, considering
his exquisite distress; and never manifested the least
inclination of hurting any around him.”
    A few days since a mad dog was killed in the neigh-
bourhood of the printer.
        Receipt for the bite of a Mad Dog.
    Take of the leaves of rue picked from the stalks and
bruised six ounces; garlick picked clean and bruised six
ounces: venice treacle, or mithridate, and scrapings of
pewter, of each four ounces. Boil all over a slow fire,
in two quarts of strong ale, until one pint is consumed.
Strain it, and keep it in a bottle close stopped and give of
it nine spoonfuls warm to the person seven mornings suc-
cessively--Six spoonfuls will cure a dog, and nine days
after the bite apply some of the ingredients to the wound
--Ten or twelve spoonfuls may be given to a horse or
bullock, and from three to five to a sheep or a hog.