On the Manner of Destroying Insects which Attack Fruit Trees

[ On the Manner of Destroying Insects which Attack Fruit Trees ]

Date: Published sometime in 1789. | 1789/01/01 to 1789/12/31

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oil of turpentine
fine earth

Nova Scotia

Source: Nova Scotia Calender, or an Almanack [...] by Metonicus
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Reference: AK.AY.N85M / No Microfilm Available


Directions for using turpentine to destroy insects on trees and animals.


                                 ON THE
           Manner of destroying INSECTS which attack
                [From the Paris Memoirs of Agriculture]
     M. de Thosse having found that found that oil of turpentine, when applied to ani-
mals which were covered with vermin,  destroyed those vermin without
hurting the animal, the author of this memoir tried it on several kinds of
tree lice, and other insects; all of which it killed,  without hurting the 
trees.  He then mixed some oil of turpentine with fine earth, so as to make
it incorporate well, and then added water, stirring it carefully till the whole
was brought to a considerable degree of fluidity.  In this mixture he dip-
ped branches of fruit trees covered with insects, which were entirely de-
stroyed by it, eggs and all, without hurting the fruit, branches or leaves.
      The composition may be got off with artificial watering, or left to be
washed away by the first shower.  From those experiments he thinks that
oil of turpentine may well be employed for killing various kinds of lice that
infest domestic animals, and sometimes produce diseases on fruit trees.--
Experiments will ascertain how far this remedy will prove efficacious in 
different cases.