To make Head Cheese

[ To make Head Cheese ] Garrett Clopper

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Garrett Clopper

Date: The manuscript is dated 1790-1799. | 1790/01/01 to 1799/12/31

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cow head
hog head

Source: Garrett Clopper. Planting Journal, Accounts and Recipes.
Institution: New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library | Source Origin: Beverley Robinson Papers | Sublocation: Planting Journal, Accounts and Recipes by Garrett Clopper, 1790-1799. | Reference: S37A-2 F46


The recipe is on page 13 of the manuscript. Image courtesy of New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library.


To make Head Cheese

Take a Beef's Head. Cutt off

the Nose & destroy it, Cleanse

the other part well, then boil

it until half done, after this

if you have the upper half of an

hogs head put that to it &

let it all boil together until 

you can shake the bones from

the Meat ~ then put all the 

flesh into a Pail or Kealer, add

the seasoning & stir it well

together, then tie it up in a 

Napkin, set it by & lay a weight

of about 20 pounds upon it to

press it & in 24 hours it will be

fit for use ~ you may add

the feet to it, but they must

be boil'd half Done before they

are put to boil with the Rest.

Defined by the OED as "A vessel for cooling liquids; a shallow tub used for household purposes." (Also keeler).