Lord Noell's Leaden Plaster

[ Lord Noell's Leaden Plaster ] Jonathan Odell

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Jonathan Odell

Date: This manuscript was compiled sometime after the 1763 date, noted on page 9, and Odell's death in 1818. | 1763/11/01 to 1818/11/25

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red lead
white lead
venice soap
salad oil
sweet oil

Source: Jonathan Odell Notebook
Institution: New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library | Source Origin: Odell Family Fonds | Sublocation: Notebook containing poems by other writers, various recipes and remedies | Reference: S29B - F28 (1)


This recipe is on page 8 and 9. Image courtesy of New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library.


Lord Noell's Leaden Plaster--

Take Red Lead & white lead, of each

one pound, Venice Soap 12 oz: sallad

oyl, 2 1/2 Pints; searce the leads and

shave the soap fine; put the soap

and oyl into a well glazed Pott, and 

incorporate the oyl and soap very well

together. put in your leads gradually,

and sett over a slow fire, stirring

the mixture continually with an

Iron spoon or spatula, and take heed

that it run not over at the first boiling,

Let the whole boyl softly for an hour

& a half, and when the colour begins

to turn into a pale brown, you

may quicken the fire, and drop a 

little of the composition upon a plate 

or slip of wood, and if it will slide before

your nail, then it is boiled enough &

you must remove it from the fire,

and gradually stir in one quarter of


an ounce of Mastich finely powdered,

continuing gently to stir the whole

together till it begins to grow cold;

and, when it is cool enough, roll it

up, first smearing your hands with 

a little sweet oyl ~

Mastic is "An aromatic gum or resin which exudes from the bark of the lentisk or mastic tree" (OED).