[Latin] Haustus

[ [Latin] Haustus ] William Paine

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William Paine

Date: This recipe is from a notebook dated 1782. | 1782/01/01 to 1782/12/31

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spirit of Minderer
succinic salt
castoreum powder
wormwood salts
lemon juice
cinnamon water
pure water
olive oil
mint julep
poppy syrup

Source: William Paine Papers
Institution: University Of New Brunswick | Source Origin: Loyalist Collection | Reference: MIC-Loyalist FC LFR.P3W5P3


These recipes are on page 20 in what is catalogued as a medical tract, a pharmacopoeia in Latin, dated 1782. Reel 1. Image courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society. 


            Haustus Succinatus__ 1Very close to recipe for “Haust. salinus succinatus” in Monro (1764), 290-291: “Rx Haust. salin. commun. unc. ij. sal succini, pulv. castorei singulorum, gr. x. H. repetend. 4tis. vel 6tis. horis”.

Rx Sp’ Mindereri ℥ij: Sal: Succini:

Pulv: Castorei an’ Gr xij: M. F. H.

Repetend. 4tis uel 6tis horis___

            Haustus Antiemeticus.

Rx 2Similar to recipe in William Lewis, M.D. the New Dispensatory (1799), 574: “Haustus Antiemeticus Salinus. Saline antiemetic mixture. Take of Kali, prepared, half a dram; Lemon juice, six drams; Cinnamon water, one ounce; Fine sugar, one scruple. Mix them together...” Salis absinthii ℈j Succi limonum, Aquæ

Cinnamomi simplicis__ Aquæ Puræ singulorum ℥ss___ Fiat haustus in effervescentis sumendus

            Haustus Oleosus.

Rx Ol: Olivarum. Julep e Mentha ana ℥j:

Manne ʒvj: Syr e Meconio ʒi M[isce]___

Fiat haustus ter die sumendus___


            Succinic Drink

Recipe: 2 ounces of spirit of Minderer, 12 grams each of succinic salt and castoreum powder. Mix and make a drink.

To be repeated every 4 or 6 hours.

           Antiemetic Drink

Recipe: 1 scruple of wormwood salts, ½ ounce each of lemon juice, simple cinnamon water, pure water. The drink should be made and taken effervescent.

            Oil Drink

Recipe: 1 once each of olive oil, mint julep. 6 drams of manna, 1 dram of poppy syrup. Mix. Have a drink, to be taken three times a day.


Translation and transcription by Winston Black