[Latin] Enema Anticpticum

[ [Latin] Enema Anticpticum ] William Paine

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William Paine

Date: This recipe is from a notebook dated 1782. | 1782/01/01 to 1782/12/31

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Peruvian bark
spring water
Virginia snakeroot
chamomile flowers
Thebaic tincture
starch gelatin
spring water
Venetian or Spanish soap

Source: William Paine Papers
Institution: University Of New Brunswick | Source Origin: Loyalist Collection | Reference: MIC-Loyalist FC LFR.P3W5P3


These recipes are on page 14 in what is catalogued as a medical tract, a pharmacopoeia in Latin, dated 1782. Reel 1. Image courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society. 


            Enema Antisepticum

Rx Cort: Peruv: contusi ℥ss coque in

Aq: Fontanæ ℥xij sub finem coctionis

adde Radicis serpentariæ Virgin: Florum

Chamæmeli ʒij. fiant unciæ sex colaturæ

cui adjiciuntur Tincturæ Thebaicæ guttas

2.XXX: Gelatinæ Amyli ℥ij: Misce. F[iat] Enema statim injiciendum et diu retinendum____

            Enema ex Amylo

Rx Aq: Fontan: calid. ℥iv. Gelatin: Amyli

℥v: Theriaca ʒss: M[isce] ________

              Enema Saponaceam. 1“Enema saponaceum” is the correct spelling as “enema” is a neuter singular taken into Latin from Greek. [sic]

Rx Sap: Venet, uel Hispan. ℥ss solve in

Aqua Fontanis li. ss__ M[isce]. F[iat] Enema.


            Antiseptic Enema

Recipe: ½ ounce of bruised Peruvian bark, cook in 12 ounces of spring water, when sufficiently boiled down add 2 drams of Virginia snakeroot and chamomile flowers. Make six ounces, skimmed, to which are added 30 drops of Thebaic tincture, 2 ounces of starch gelatin. Mix.

Make an enema to be injected immediately and retained for a long while.

            Starch enema

Recipe: 4 ounces of hot spring water, 5 ounces of starch gelatin, ½ dram of theriac. Mix.

            Soap Enema

Recipe: ½ ounce of Venetian or Spanish soap, dissolve in ½ pound of spring water. Mix, make an enema.


Translation and transcription by Winston Black