[Latin] Bolus e Rheo cum Mercurio

[ [Latin] Bolus e Rheo cum Mercurio ] William Paine

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William Paine

Date: This recipe is from a notebook dated 1782. | 1782/01/01 to 1782/12/31

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rhubarb root powder
cordial confection
white syrup
garlic powder
Venice treacle

Source: William Paine Papers
Institution: University Of New Brunswick | Source Origin: Loyalist Collection | Reference: MIC-Loyalist FC LFR.P3W5P3


These recipes are on page 3 in what is catalogued as a medical tract, a pharmacopoeia in Latin, dated 1782. Reel 1. Image courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society. 


            Bolus e Rheo cum Mercurio
Rx Pulv: Rad: Rhei: ʒss – Calomel Gr. V.
Confect. Card. ℈I. Syrup alb. Q S:

          Bolus e Scord. cum Rheo.
Rx Pulv. e scordio Gr. XXV. Pulv. Rhei. Gr.
XII. Syrup Alb. Q S. ut fiat bolus
Sumendus semel, bis, terve die.

          Bolus Antidysentericus astringens.
Rx ** Campechensis Gr. XV: Theriaca
Andromachi ʒi: Misceantur. Semel
vel bis in die exhibetur –

            Bolus Theriacalis
Rx  1Almost identical to English recipe in William Lewis, The New Dispensatory: containing, I. The Elements of Pharmacy. II. The Materia Medica... Fourth Edition (Dublin, 1778), 584: “BOLUS THERIACLIS. Treacle bolus. Take of Theriaca, two scruples; Salt of hartshorn, seven grains; Camphor, three grains. Mix and form them into a bolus.” Theriace ℈ii. Sal: C. Cerv. Gr. X.
Camphor Gr. V. M[isce]

          Rhubarb Pill with Mercury
Recipe: Powdered root of rhubarb, ½ dram. Calomel, 5 grains. Cordial Confection, 1 scruple. White syrup as needed.

            Scordium Pill with Rhubarb
Recipe: 25 grains of garlic powder, 12 grains of powdered rhubarb. White syrup as needed, so that a pill can be made, to be taken once, twice, or three times a day.

            A constrictive pill against dysentery
Recipe: 15 grains of logwood, 1 dram of Venice Treacle. Have them mixed. This is given once or twice in a day.

            Treacle Pill
Recipe: 2 scruples of theriac, 10 grain of salt of hartshorn, 5 grains of camphor. Mix.


Translation by Winston Black