[Latin] Aqua Calcis

[ [Latin] Aqua Calcis ] William Paine

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William Paine

Date: This recipe is from a notebook dated 1782. | 1782/01/01 to 1782/12/31

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gum arabic

Source: William Paine Papers
Institution: University Of New Brunswick | Source Origin: Loyalist Collection | Reference: MIC-Loyalist FC LFR.P3W5P3


This recipe is from a notebook catalogued as a medical tract, a pharmacopoeia in Latin, dated 1782, p.2.  Reel 1. Image courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society. 


Aqua calcis simp. P. L.  1P. L. is short for Pharmacopeia Londinensis. Dr. Paine has not copied the recipe which is found next in Monro’s Observations (p 289): “Aqua calcis simpl. Ph. Lond. Dosis a lib. i. ad lib. ij. in die.”

Aqua Hordeata P. L.
Utenda pro potu. cui adde pro re
nata Sal Nit ʒi. vel oxymel simp. ℥i.  2Both of the drug measurements in line 3 of this recipe appear to be scratched out, just like the phrase in the line above. This is uncommon in Paine’s recipe book.
vel gum. arabici _ vel elix. vitrioli vel
Spiritus Vitrioli fort. Sit pro potu
usitato.  3Paine has improved the brief description of Aqua Hordeata in Monro’s book with a more detailed recipe for treating fever, apparently from James Lind, An Essay on the Most Effectual Means of Preserving the Health of Seamen, in the Royal Navy. Second Edition (London, 1762), Appendix, “Formulæ medicamentorum facilium paratu, atque in morbis nauticis apprimé utilium”, p. (1), “Rx Aquæ hordeatæ, lib. ii. cui adde pro re nata sal. nitri drach. i.—vel oxymel. simpl. unc. i ss.—vel gum. arabici. unc. ss.—vel elixir vitrioli acid. drach. i.—vel spir. vitrioli fort. scrup. ss. Sit pro potu usitato.” https://books.google.ca/books?id=EATKu5hNu_kC&pg


Simple water of chalk. Pharmacopeia Londinensis

Barley Water. Pharmacopeia Londinensis
To be used as a drink. Add to this as need arises 1 dram of saltpeter or 1 ounce of simple oxymel, or of gum arabic, or of elixir of vitriol, or of strong spirit of vitriol. Use it as a drink.


Translation by Winston Black