Hints respecting various Kinds of Liquors

[ Hints respecting various Kinds of Liquors ]

Date: 1794/03/24

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milk whey
mare's milk
spirit of nitre
malt spirits

Prince Edward Island
Island of Saint John

Source: Royal Gazette and Miscellany of the Island of Saint John
Institution: University Of New Brunswick | Source Origin: Harriet Irving Library Microfilms (HIL-MIC)


Tips on making brandy from milk and making a drink that tastes like French brandy from malt spirits. Also has instructions on how better to preserve wine in barrels. 


HINTS respecting various Kinds of Liquors.

   A very strong and excellent brandy may

be made with the whey of milk fermented

till it becomes sour, which will afford con-

siderable profits to the farmers.  The whey

contains a quantity of sugar. The

Tartars make a very strong brandy with

mare's milk fermented.

   A few drops of dulcified spirit of nitre

communicate to malt spirits a flavour ex-

actly resembling French brandy.

   Wine may be drank in the barrels, with-

out being bottled off, and keep perfectly

good to the last drop, by covering the sur-

face with a little sweet oil. Great quanti-

ties of wine have been thus preserved to all

their excellence above four years, though

some if it was drawn off every day. By

this means barrels of wine will never require 

to be filled up.

   Wines can keep an amazing time. In the 

ruins of Herculaneum a most exquisite wine

was found more than a thousand years old.

   Delicate wines, which are usually drank

upon the spot, may be rendered fit for car-

riage, by varnishing the inside of the bar-

rel's with a thick layer of flavourless resin.