A Fire Proof and Water Proof Cement

[ A Fire Proof and Water Proof Cement ] Anthony Allaire

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Anthony Allaire

Date: The manuscript is dated 1780-1795. | 1780/01/01 to 1795/12/31

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egg whites
quick lime

Source: Anthony Allaire. Diary and Order Book.
Institution: New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library | Source Origin: Beverley Robinson Papers | Sublocation: Anthony Allaire. Diary and Order Book. | Reference: S 37A F 19


This clipping from an unknown print source is pasted onto page 56 of Allaire's Diary, which has been added to the middle of the notebook. The same recipe for fireproof and waterproof cement appeared in newspapers, such as The Ladies' Literary Cabinet (New York, 25 May 1822) and Minerva (New York, 14 February 1824), and in print recipe collections, such as The Housekeeper's Book (Philadelphia, 1837). Although the typesetting suggests that the recipe in Allaire's book is not from these sources, publication dates suggest that the clipping also dates to the first decades of the nineteenth century.  Image courtesy of New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library.


A fire proof and water proof Cement.-- To half

a pint of milk put an equal quantity of vinegar, in 

order to curdle it; then separate the curd from

the whey, and mix the whey with the whites of

four or five eggs, beating the whole well together.

When it is well mixed, add a little quick lime

through a sieve until it has acquired the consistence

of a thick paste. With this cement broken ves-

sels and cracks of all kinds may be mended.  It

dries quickly, and resists the action of fire and