Cure for a Swelling

[ Cure for a Swelling ] Jonathan Odell

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Jonathan Odell

Date: The beginning of the narrative suggests the events described happened in November 1763. | 1763/11/01 to 1763/11/30

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Source: Jonathan Odell Notebook
Institution: New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library | Source Origin: Odell Family Fonds | Sublocation: Notebook containing poems by other writers, various recipes and remedies | Reference: S29B - F28 (1)


This is more of a case study than a recipe, but it provides a method for curing a swelling in the head. It is on page 9-10 of the notebook. Image courtesy of New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library.



Novem[ber]. 1763. At Mobille, in 

Louisiana, Jnt Walker, Soldier

in the 22d Regt from a cold caught

by lying exposed to the weather the

night after landing, had the whole

face jaw & throat of the left side

swelled to a great degree, attended wth

some fever and a difficulty of breathing.

The swelling was highest & hardest

in the parotid gland. He was blooded

freely, gently purged, and a large

Poultice put to the swelling. The 5th 

day his difficulty of breathing being 

rather increased, and his left eye

quite closed, a large Blister was


applied to the back of his neck -- The 

next morning the tumor broke and

discharged plentifully. The 7th day 

a part of the gland appeared to have

cast off and came away with the 

dressings. The swelling & other symp=

=toms in two days were quite gone, &

the sore soon healed, all to a small

opening, through which, for about

ten days, a great quantity of clear

Saliva continued to ooze out upon

the lower part of the cheek; a plain

proof that the duct of the parotid

gland was injured. yet he was

intirely cured in a short time by

the use of only dry lint compressing

the part and often changed as it

grew wet--