A Caution Respecting the Measles

[ A Caution Respecting the Measles ]

Date: 1789/11/17

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loose bowels

elixir asthmatic
warm wine
wine whey

Nova Scotia

Source: Royal Gazette and the Nova Scotia Advertiser.
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm | Reference: Consult the Nova Scotia Archives' "Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm" list (Royal Gazette) for a complete account of microfilm reels for this paper. EMMR includes recipes from Microfilm Reels 8162, 8163, 8165, and 8167.


Instructions for treating loose bowels during an attack of the measles. Vol. 1, No. 34. Microfilm Reel 8162.


              A caution respecting the Measles.
AT this season of the Year diarhoea, or looseness of the 
bowels, is apt to prevail, especially among children, 
which arises from the debility and relaxation produced
by the heat of the summer, and frequently abates with-
out much m[edicin]al assistance as the weather grows
   But if this disorder attends a child when it is first at-
tacked with the measles, or if it takes place at any peri-
od before the eruption is complete, it prevents the salu-
tary eruption through the skin, and the matter which
ought to be thrown out on the surface of the body, fixes
upon the stomach, bowels, or lungs and is suddenly pro-
ductive of the most dangerous and fatal consequences.
   Under these circumstances it becomes indispensibly
necessary to the safety of the patient to put an immedi-
ate stop to the looseness; which may be affected by a 
free use of the Elexir Asthmatic, or some other anodine,
a fomentation of warm wine applied to the bowels, and
a plentiful use of wine whey internally.
   Particular care should be taken to distinguish between
the loosness of the bowels above mentioned, and that
which usually takes place at the crisis or turn of the mea-
sles. The latter is highly salutary, and ought never to
be checked, unless it becomes dangerous, (which is
seldom the case) from its excess, and then not without
caution and the best advice.