[ Ringworms ]

Date: 1789/12/08

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mushroom ketchup

Nova Scotia

Source: Royal Gazette and the Nova Scotia Advertiser.
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm | Reference: Consult the Nova Scotia Archives' "Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm" list (Royal Gazette) for a complete account of microfilm reels for this paper. EMMR includes recipes from Microfilm Reels 8162, 8163, 8165, and 8167.


Instructions for treating ringworm and other cutaneous maladies with the application of mushroom ketchup. Vol. 1, No. 37. Microfilm Reel 8162.


This is a cutaneous distemper very common among the
   Europeans in Bengal, as well as among the natives;
   and as the disorder is very prevalent in this country
   also, we present our readers with the following ex-
   tract, containing a remedy for so distressing a com-
   plaint, which has hitherto frequently baffled the first
  medical abilities.
Extract of a letter from a Gentleman of the Faculty at Fort
   St. George, to Doctor B. of the Bengal Establishment.
   “Sir Paul Joddrell, from his skill in Botany, has
made a discovery which is likely to prove of the greatest
importance to the health and ease of Europeans in India,
and will tend to the extirpation of that cruel and most
tormenting of all maladies, the Ringworms ; and the
Remedy is as simple as it is efficacious. It consists in
nothing more than a frequent embrocation or friction of
the parts where the eruption prevails, with common mush-
room ketchup. This remedy, simple as it appears, has ne-
ver been known to fail in removing the Ringworms, Itch,
or any other cutaneous eruption, after every other no-
strum has failed.
   “ Sir Paul accounts for the efficacy of this Vegetable
Curative, in the known noxious property of the mush-
room to all animalcula. The solution or essence of this
Fungus is proved by this discovery to bear such enmity
to the minute insect which is the occult cause of this dis-
order, that it immediately perforates the cuticle, and to-
tally exterminates the infection: The experiment is easy
and a trial is recommended to those afflicted with Ring-
worms, tetters, or eruptions of any kind.”

Fort Saint George was established by the East India Company in what is now Chennai. It became in 1641 the site of the Company's headquarters for southern India.
(1746-1803) An English physician who served in India from 1787.
"A general term for any pustular herpetiform eruption of the skin, as eczema, herpes, impetigo, ringworm, etc." (OED)