John Bremner Case with Medicines

[ John Bremner Case with Medicines ] Dr. William James Almon

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Dr. William James Almon

Date: Late 18th century; exact date unknown.

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head pain
sizy blood

thin gruel

Nova Scotia

Source: Manuscript Notebook of Dr. William James Almon
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Almon Family Fonds | Reference: MG 1 / Microfilm Reel 10,045


A case study describing treatment for sporadic head pain that includes prescriptions in Latin, pp. 59-60.


Mr. John Bremner, |a clerk| Aged     of a plethoric habit
was attack’d early this Morning with a most violent pain
in his forehead between his two Eyes, his body was open
and he appeard the day before perfectly well. I found his
pulse very little alterd from health, his appetite was
good and he was free from fever, the part paind was
hot to the touch and a few pimples appeared on it -- free from
Any nausea: [VS] was used immediately to 12oz; the Blood
was a little sizy and I order’d him the following
             Rx [untranscribed Latin]
to abstain from Animal food and to drink thin
gruel for his common drink _ In the Evening
the Bolus had operated and his headach was easier
The Headach returnd this Morning about the time
it did yesterday but was not so severe: Bolus still
Operating; the Afternoon & Evening he was entirely
free from it__
The Headach returned this morning rather earlier than
yesterday |about 6 AM| was extremely severe: large
Blisters were applied behind his Ears yesterday morng
which not drawing so well as I could wish worsened
today: as the Disease now evidently provd itself to be
an Intermittent, a quotidian type: the Intermission
perfect: I recommended as soon as his paroxyism was
Over to begin with a tea spoonful of the Cortex

in wine & water every hour: as he was rather
[--tive] to take a few grains of Rhubarb with
each dose until this was removed--
14- this morning about seven AM. he had some little
symptoms of his complaint: but nothing to speak
of- 15Grain of Rhubarb purged him twice: has
taken his bark constantly & is to go on with
it -- as the Cortex purges him 5 drops of LL was added to [each] dose
15-: Scarcely any symptoms of his complaint this Morg
is to go on with his Bark, rests well at night
16- Free from any complaint is to have Meat for Dinner
and continues his Bark
18- Went to the counting house to do duty this Morng. 
has taken nearly [AR]: of Bark since the 15th--
21- Remains perfectly well--

John Bremner
The remedy used to treat Bremner appears also in "Table of the Effects of Medicines," Manuscript Notebook of Dr. William James Almon, pp. 95-97.