A Receipt for the Bite of a Mad Dog

[ A Receipt for the Bite of a Mad Dog ]

Date: 1752/12/09

Publication Format

Veterinary Medicine

dog bite

elder tree shoots
strong ale


Source: Halifax Gazette
Institution: Nova Scotia Archives | Source Origin: Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm | Reference: Microfilm Reels 8152, 8166


A remedy for the bite of a mad dog, useful for humans and cattle. Vol. 1, No. 37. Microfilm Reel 8152.  


                          A Receipt for the Bite of a mad Dog. 

   Take the youngest Shoots of the Elder Tree, strip it of the outside
Bark, then take of the grind Rhind two large Handfuls, put it into
Five Pints of strong Ale, let it simmer together about Fifteen Mi-
nutes, drain off the Liquor, squeezing the  ^RindRhind dry, when cold, 
put in into Bottles, and drink Half a Pint Morning and Evening made
warm, washing the Place affected with some of the Liquor. The 
Patient should be kept warm, and the Medicine to be repeated every
New and Full of the Moon for two of three Times. 
    The same as the above may be observed in Regard to large Cattle, 
only given them a Pint to drink instead of Half a Pint.