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Dr. Dexter, American Academy of Arts and Sciences [Method of Making Pot-Ash]. 01 December 1789.

Sarah Creighton Wilkins, Dr. Charles Blick [Dr Charles Blick’s Receipt for Rough or Scorbutick Hands].

Sarah Creighton Wilkins [Tea Cakes [1]].

Benjamin Marston [A Ferment to Manure an Acre of Land]. 01 April 1791.

[Method of Making Oil Compost]. 02 April 1790.

Benjamin Marston [An Approved Method to Catch Rats]. 01 January 1782 - 31 December 1787.

[To Cure a Wen]. 13 February 1793.

A.R. [A Certain Radical Cure for the Scurvy]. 30 January 1793.

An English Magazine [Cure for the Scurvy]. 20 October 1793.

Dr. James Dinwiddie [Rennet for Cheese]. 01 January 1793 - 31 December 1793.

James Kent Blair [Recipe for Making Paint [2]].

Sarah Creighton Wilkins [For a Cough [2]].

Sarah Creighton Wilkins [For a Hoarsness].

Sarah Creighton Wilkins, Mr. F [Untitled Remedy for Inflammation in the Eyes].

Sarah Creighton Wilkins [Untitled Recipe for a Medicinal Oil].

[A Recept for Melting Silver Oar]. 01 January 1743 - 01 January 1790.

Arthur Young [Receipt for Making Parmesan Cheese]. 05 November 1791.